Guesthouse guide in Seoul

An Yong Ha Sei yo (안녕하세요) which means hello in Korean ! Seoul is the modern capital of South Korea. This city is full of old vibrant and young trendy K-pop cultures. Not surprisingly Seoul is slowly becoming a prefered tourist destination in Asia. In general Seoul’s guesthouse are devided into hotels , budget hotels and guesthouses. The cheapest available accommodation in Seoul are guesthouses which are traditionally run by families.


Seoul are divided into several areas. The most travelers would prefer to live in happening areas such as  Myeondong , Gangnam, Dongdaemun Hongdae and Itaewon. Do expect to pay over $150 USD per night for a proper 4 stars hotel if you plan to live in Seoul. Most guesthouses price start from 30USD onwards


Myeongdong is the most popular area in South Korea. This is the heart of shopping places and it doesn’t lack of budget accommodation. You can get good variety of brands and cosmetic products at this area. Myeongdong  is very close to all touristic places and main sites. Public transportation is also widely available and provides easy access to Myeongdong. Myeongdong can be reached by Myeong -dong Line 4. You can refer to Myeongdong Guesthouse for guesthouse guide there.



Insadong is a great choice for accommodation in Seoul. This place is popular for it’s traditional Korean culture art and heritage scene. You can find more than 100 galleries which are selling traditional Korean clothing, pottery , artwork, paintings and sculpture. Every alley in Insa-dong main street is filled with tea houses, cafes and shop selling crafts. There is also a market which is held every Saturday 14:00 to 22:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 22:00 where the street is completed sealed off from vehicles. This area is conveniently accessible via airport bus and subway.