272 Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea



Airport Guesthouse 는 전세계인이 배낭여행, 가족여행, 비지니스여행시 머물러 갈수 있는곳 입니다. 공항접근이 용이 합니다. 인천공항 2분거리에 위치한 국제업무단지 내에 위치하여 안정적인 탑승 대기를 할수 있으며, 무료셔틀을 이용 자유스럽게 공항을 오고갈수 있습니다. 식당,편의점등 편의시설 12층 주상복합건물내 시설이므로 같은건물내의 식당, 매점, 주점, 노래방등 생활편의설을 이용할수 있습니다. 청결한 실내와 비품을 제공 Airport Guesthouse의 호스트(운영자)는 전직 관광호텔 메니저 입니다. […]

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Taipei Travel Guide


Having a trip to Taiwan? Taiwan is formally known as Farmosa, a Spanish colony was also previously ruled by Chinese and Japanese.Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan. Now finding hotels in Taipei may not be a hard task as there are plenty of choices. Here are some rough guide for you to find a suitable […]

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Incheon Airport Mr.Kim Guesthouse


Incheon Airport Mr.Kim Guesthouse is probably your if you have shoestring budget while you just want a bed to overnight without killing your travel budget. Mr Kim (owner of the guesthouse) is always helpful, patience and friendly while also converse fluently in English. The bed are dorm style and is equipped with safety box, baggage storage and […]

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Loans in Malaysia

It is without doubt that one of the most well-known and popular financial products in the world today is personal loans and this is also a financial product which 95% of the banks in Malaysia offer their customers. Most of the personal loans offered in Malaysia does not require you to have a guarantor to […]

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Guesthouse guide in Seoul


An Yong Ha Sei yo (안녕하세요) which means hello in Korean ! Seoul is the modern capital of South Korea. This city is full of old vibrant and young trendy K-pop cultures. Not surprisingly Seoul is slowly becoming a prefered tourist destination in Asia. In general Seoul’s guesthouse are devided into hotels , budget hotels […]

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